Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

Unexpected weather is a bummer. Unanticipated situations are a downer. Unforeseen costs are a disaster. Our smooth operators run an impeccable pre-production process to make sure there are no hiccups during production and post.

Concept Development

A bolt from the blue-print

It is all about strategy. A video that appeals to a 50-year old CXO will not resonate with an 18-year old Instagrammer. We go beyond your brief to research your target personas and develop a concept that will strike a chord with them.

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Script Writing

Say it square. Say it with flair.

If it were just about words, then we might as well write a blog about it. A script is the coming together of visuals, sound and yes, the dialogue. We draw a fine balance between maintaining the concept, yet creating something that will surprise your audience.

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Cast & Crew Recruitment

Power from the people

Experience is the difference between a good job and a fabulous job. With over two decades of dishing out delectable videos, our staffing team provides your production the edge it deserves. If you have a unique requirement, we are your best bet.

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Location Scouting

Expand your horizon

Want a blue beachfront house with an untrimmed front yard, a dog and a trampoline? Done. We understand the subliminal context of your desired location and find you a spot that will fit your pocket.

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Budgeting & Scheduling

Right on time, right on the money

Want to pull off the big idea with a small budget? We run a tight ship and live by dangerous deadlines. So the next time someone tells you it is impossible, make sure you talk to us.

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