Covering events is all about capturing moments, many of which are unexpected.

To cover an event, we need to be everywhere, everytime, and for everyone. We have mastered the art of event coverage and use it to create videos that convey the tonality of your choice.

Corporate Events

Showcase your culture

Be it a year-end Christmas party, a team building event, or a partner appreciation outing, corporate events often result in some of the most enjoyable moments that bind your company together. Etch that into everyone’s memory with a fun video that oozes your company culture.

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Gimme a V.I.D.E.O.

No matter how well-rehearsed a concert is, the real magic is in the spontaneity. Don’t miss a single incredible moment of your concert with parallel coverage of the performers, the audience and the backstage. Musical concerts, theatre, and variety programs such as stand-up comedy are in our repertoire.

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Trade Events

We mean business

With parallel stages, large exhibit areas and impromptu interest sessions, trade shows have some of the most demanding production requirements. We have the finesse and the experience to bring together hundreds, or even thousands, of different interactions and weave them into a coherent story that builds excitement for your next trade event.

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Personal celebrations

The next best thing to a selfie

Kick back and have fun at your next social event while we capture it for the years to come. Our core competency is in creating heritage and legacy videos for accomplished individuals, captains of industry and milestone events. Call us to discuss how a documented video can help showcase your or a loved ones legacy that can be shared with friends, family, colleague or the public at large.

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Fairs & Festivals

Get your game face on

Festivals are a great way to spread the word about your awesome music or genre. Our crew handles production at small to large scale festivals. We are the perfect mix of professional and playful. Get in touch with us if you are interested in joining an upcoming festival or have an idea for creating one. Let’s have some fan filled fun!

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Fashion Shows

Be the showstopper

Want to show the world your glam, we can help. We provide video & multi-cam production for the fashion industry. Our end to end services cover every aspect of your fashion event, right from event conceptualization, production design and execution, to correct placement of stage lighting. Let our Live Event’s Director capture and preserve the best moments on the ramp.

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